Sales & Marketing Trait Stewardship Policy

(June 2016)

EUREKA SEEDS ("Company") promotes the importance of proper seed and trait stewardship by communicating this policy to its employees and dealers who manage seed and customer seed sales.


Proactively remind users that saving seed protected by patent is prohibited. Messages to discourage saved seed can include the legal risks, the performance value that new varieties bring, as well as the ability to qualify for certain programs (e.g., seed company replant protection).


The use oftraited seed may be contingent upon the signature of technology agreements by the grower depending on the requirements of the trait providers.

When collecting information from the grower, the sales representative or dealer (as applicable) shall request the grower technology numbers. If the grower does not have a grower teclmology number required by the applicable trait provider, such traited seed shall not be transferred to the grower until the grower is properly licensed and supplies the technology number to the sales representative or dealer.

When the hard copy of the grower technology license agreement is provided by an employee of the Company or its dealer to the grower, a copy of the signed agreement shall be returned to the Company and retained in the customer permanent file. Employees of the Company shall not sign a grower technology license agreement on a grower's behalf. The dealer and its employees shall not sign a grower technology license agreement on a grower's behalf, except for the dealer if the dealer is also a grower.

Specific requirements by trait provider:

  • Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement (MTSA).
    • All sales of corn, soybean and alfalfa seed containing Monsanto technologies (including without limitation SmartStax┬«) are sold ONLY to growers who have previously signed an MTSA that bas been accepted by Monsanto. Regularly check the "Grower License Lookup" and the "Unauthorized Grower List" posted on as this list can change daily. If a grower is not yet licensed, assist the grower by encouraging them to register at or calll-800-ROUNDUP (1-800-768-6387) Option #3, to obtain a license. They may continue to visit for license status inquiries.
    • Stock and provide to growers a Monsanto Technology Use Guide (TUG), if they have not previously received one.
  • Bayer Grower Technology Agreement (BGTA)
    • Use of soybean seeds containing the Liberty Link┬« trait is subject to the signature of a Bayer CropScience LP ("BAYER") Grower Technology Agreement. If a grower is not yet licensed, assist the grower by encouraging them to register at to obtain a license. For more information,
  • Syngenta Seeds, Inc. Stewardship Agreement
    • Signature of a Syngenta Seeds, Inc. Stewardship Agreement that has been accepted and not revoked by Syngenta, is required prior to the transfer of com or soybean seed containing Syngenta technologies. If a grower is not yet licensed, assist the grower by encouraging them to go to the Syngenta website to obtain a license. For more information,


  • Proactively remind users that: Any crop or material produced from biotechnology-derived plant products can only be exported to, or used, processed or sold in countries where all necessary regulatory approvals have been granted. It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing biotech traits across boundaries into nations where import is not permitted. Growers should talk to their grain handler or product purchaser to confrrm their buying position for such crop or material.
  • Encourage growers to consult (Know Before you Grow) for the approval status of biotech corn traits.


Proactively remind users that Insect Resistance Management is a requirement when purchasing insect-protected crops by conveying the following message:

Before opening a bag of seed, be sure to read and understand the stewardship requirements, including applicable refuge requirements for insect resistance management, for the biotechnology traits expressed in the seed as set forth in the technology agreements that you sign. By opening and using a bag of seed, you are reaffrrming your obligation to comply with those stewardship requirements.


  • Employees are not to overlook seed piracy.
  • Employees are NOT to participate in seed piracy acts or cover-ups.
  • Use seed piracy literature to educate customers about the benefits of new seed and risks associated with seed piracy.
  • For Monsanto technologies, report Seed Piracy issues anonymously to 1-800-ROUNDUP (1-800-768-6387).